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by Elizabeth Burgess

I have been thinking a lot this week about choices, and how the ways in which we make decisions impact our wellness.  Martha Beck wrote, "Every time life brings you to a crossroads, from the tiniest to the most immense, go toward love, not away from fear."   

0816588001591024781.jpgI first saw this quote in O, The Oprah Magazine in July 2008, and I promptly cut it out and stuck it on my fridge as a daily reminder.  It's still there, and still as meaningful to me as it was twelve years ago when I grabbed my scissors. 

Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed, or stuck, or like there's not a good answer among all the various options we have, and sometimes bad decisions are simply habitual.  These feelings are all grounded in fearfear of making the wrong choice, fear of stasis or fear of change, and fear of choosing the lesser of evils rather than the greater good. 

Remaining in a place when we are afraid to choose, or where we feel compelled to make a decision that is less than optimal, can lead to a decrease in wellness.  I invite you to take a breath before you decide.  When you are ready, allow yourself one deep breath in, filling your lungs all the way, a brief pause, and then out all the way.  

With a clearer mind, you can examine the motivation behind your decision, find your courage, and move toward love.

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