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  • Navigating Life's Transitions
    by Tara Chandler College, a new job, a new home, divorce, a lawsuit, an inheritance, a life-threatening illness, or the death of a loved one, these are all significant life transitions Read more
  • Trauma or Chronic Stress?
    by Jordan Heffner Did you know that chronic stress has the same impact on the body physiologically that witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event does? Trauma is often defined as anything witnessed Read more
  • Book Chat: Inferences Through Story
    by Pepper Basham As a speech-language pathologist who has a specialty in the “language” portion of my profession, using storybooks/narratives as tools for therapy is a vital (and enjoyable) part of Read more
  • Book chat: Emotions Through Story
    by Pepper Basham Stories are a part of our lives. Whether we read them, watch them, listen to them, or tell them, our lives are made up of narratives. It makes Read more
  • Body Mapping
    written by Elizabeth Burgess Sometimes, it can be hard to understand what we are feeling - we just know we feel some kind of way about a thing. This is difficult Read more
  • 7 Self Care Tips to Improve Mental Health During COVID-19
    written by Sarah Bolick If you are struggling during these unpredictable times, you are not alone. Here is a list of suggestions on how to manage the increased stress you may Read more
  • Choices
    by Elizabeth Burgess I have been thinking a lot this week about choices, and how the ways in which we make decisions impact our wellness.  Martha Beck wrote, "Every time life Read more
  • Pretzel Positioning for Calmness
    Written by Jordan Heffner Did you know that we can alter our physiological and psychological state through practicing different body positions? During this pandemic we are faced with an increase in uncertainty, Read more
  • Things You Cannot Control
    How do you manage things that are out of your control? Read more

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