Carri Webb M.A., MSW, LCSWA, LCAS

carriCarri completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at UNC-Asheville in 2013. She first gained experience working with individuals dually diagnosed with mental health and substance use disorders in 2016, when she began working at a local Behavioral Health Unit. Carri worked by aiding patients being admitted for inpatient treatment due to facing acute psychiatric symptoms and (or) the need for detox treatment. While pursuing her master’s degree in Social Work at East Tennessee State University, Carri also earned a Clinical Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling Studies Certificate. During her graduate experience, Carri participated in internships where she grew a passion for offering support to individuals working to overcome various forms of past trauma and those experiencing crisis states. Carri gained experience working alongside of women and children seeking residential support while overcoming situations such as domestic violence. Carri also gained experience working with veterans seeking transitional housing support while overcoming symptoms from disorders such as PTSD. Carri has participated in a local community mental health treatment center as well, where she provided both individual and group therapy services for adult patients. Carri assisted in the facilitation of a CBT group for individuals facing symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Carri also cofacilitated a SAIOP group for individuals seeking treatment for severe substance use disorders. After graduating with her MSW in 2019, Carri worked as a Medical Social Worker at a local hospital assisting patients by working within a multidisciplinary team while providing patient-centered care. Most recently, Carri has worked at a local Opioid Treatment Program working with adult patients seeking Medication-Assisted Treatment services, where she became experienced in utilizing Motivational Interviewing and providing psychoeducation to those seeking recovery.

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