Rachel Suddarth, M.S., LPC


Outpatient therapist

Rachel is a licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC) in North Carolina and has been fully licensed since March 2010. Her journey to work in mental health started in college when Rachel volunteered with adults with persistent mental illness. After earning her bachelors degree in psychology from UNC Greensboro in 2003, Rachel started working in a neurology clinic at Duke University Medical Center where she worked as a neurology technician aide and a drug study coordinator. In the year and a half that she worked at Duke Rachel realized that one of her strengths and passions included being available to support patients and families who were seeking or receiving treatment for various neurological disorders.

In 2005 Rachel returned to graduate school, and she completed her M.S. in Counseling in 2007. In 2008 Rachel started to provide counseling services to individuals and families, and after becoming fully licensed in 2010, Rachel relocated to Asheville NC where she has continues to provide therapy today. Since 2010 Rachel has also become increasingly interested in (and familiar with) understanding mental health diagnoses (etiology, implications) and de-mystifying the assessment and diagnostic process with both clients and collateral professionals. While Rachel gravitates toward the clinical aspects of mental heath counseling, she continues to have a penchant for coordination and training on a variety of topics including how to identify a diagnosis for clients with complex presentations, clinical assessment and treatment planning, as well goal development and application. Rachel continues wear many hats in her current role at ACAPS, where she is an outpatient therapist as well as a clinical, outreach coordinator/collaborator.

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