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Rebecca joins the Asheville, NC community having originally been born and raised in Arizona and then relocated to early family roots in the tri-state area of Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. Rebecca’s background began in her studies in veterinary science and working in Veterinary Medicine for 18 years engaging in many roles such as being a team member, a resource, a leader, and a clinical coordinator. It was during this time she saw the need for greater access to mental health services for persons that are first responders, public health workers, and traumatized persons that seek relief by external means of disconnecting from the self in order to deal with their emotional pain, grief, and daily living struggles. Over many years of transition and change Rebecca came into the field of mental health therapy after completing a master’s program at USC Dworak-Peck school of Social Work in December of 2016. She completed an internship followed by post graduate clinical work at Bridging the Gaps substance abuse treatment center in Northern Virginia working with adults in various life stages and working at Foothills of Red Oak Recovery providing holistic and animal assisted therapeutic treatment to adolescents and their families helping them overcome trauma, other mental health concerns, and addiction. The best part of her day serving on the Foothills team was partnering with horses via equine assisted wellness as a way to assist others to live a life in the here and now that is authentic and one in which they felt empowered and capable to manifest their dreams into reality.

Rebecca brings her love of animals, nature and continued belief in sharing her hope, strength, and experience to the team and patients served at ACAPS. It is through this team that she finds fulfillment in her spiritual calling to be in service to others on their own journey to becoming who they feel they are meant to be. Rebecca has been observed to be dynamic and integrative in her use of self and therapeutic approaches when working with an individual on their journey. She walks side by side with you in a collaborative effort while giving encouragement, support and the space for individuals to seek understanding, hope, healing and growth as it relates to ones mental, emotional and physical well being. Some approaches utilized in sessions may include trauma-info­­­­­­rmed, emotion-focused, family systems, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral or psychodynamic type processes. The approach depends on the identified needs of the person, their learning style, and presenting nervous system balance. All approaches have a common starting place, a safe and consistent relationship in which a person feels invited to express emotions and all parts of the self with the freedom from judgment. Rebecca enjoys working with people of various ages (adolescents, young adults and older adults) and stages of life, as well as working with members that identify or are exploring their identity within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

In her spare time Rebecca is a yogi, a hiker, waterfall hunter, and traveler continually practicing connecting to mind, body, and spirit seeking out the magic in life.

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