To protect the privacy of our patients, we have removed all identifying information.  All reviews are from actual patients, parents, referral sources, and medical partners.  If you would like to submit a review for our website, please send your review in an email to [email protected] and write "review for website" in the subject line.  Thank you for your feedback!

What People Are Saying About ACAPS

  • "I learned so much working at ACAPS. The staff are amazingly knowledgable and experienced. I was so challenged and learned more than I think anyone else in my internship class. This place is really amazing and I hope I am able to come back and work here once I am licensed."
    Former Intern
  • "I get such a great experience from the moment I walk in the door. The front office staff is friendly and helpful, the testing staff I worked with initially was amazing and their report was so enlightening. My therapist has been incredible and I have done such hard and rewarding work since starting here. I would not go anywhere else."
    Therapy Patient
  • "I tried so many therapists and my therapist was the first person who didn't judge me. She has been able to provide me with the kind of insight that allows me to make changes I that my whole family has noticed. I have a completely new relationship with myself and I am able to think about my actions and their consequences, which I have never been able to do my whole life."
    Therapy Patient
  • "As an adult trying to go back to school, I had a lot of anxiety. I had terrible ADHD that kept me from being successful when I was younger and the doctors were able to help me get properly diagnosed and get connected with a therapist who gave me gamechanging strategies that got me through school with less anxiety than I could ever have thought possible."
    Testing and Therapy Patient
  • "Throughout the testing process, I felt completely respected and supported. I felt the doctors were so kind and knowledgable and I really felt they understood my issues in a way that was helpful and respectful."
    Testing Patient
  • "My therapist is the only person in my life who is ALWAYS on my side. She listens to me and calls me out when I need it. I have gotten so much better working with her because I feel like she actually cares."
    Teenage Therapy Patient
  • "ACAPS has a great reputation in the community. They work so well with such a variety of folks and almost all of them come back to me saying they had a better experience than they expected."
    Mental Health Referral Source
  • "I love working with ACAPS, their testing is always so solid and gives me such a great picture of what is going on with my foster kids. Their therapists are also so good. They work with me and they have a great understanding of how to work with all the kids who come through my home."
    Foster Parent
  • "ACAPS is the only practice I refer to. They have all the services I need under one roof and they are so professional. I am always impressed with the quality of work they do and I would recommend them hands down to other providers."
    Medical Referral Source
  • "I got so much clarity from testing at ACAPS. I felt like it was the first time that anyone could give me any solid answers about what was wrong."
    Testing Patient
  • "You guys have helped give us so much direction and understand the system we are dealing with (to adopt our child). We would be completely lost without you guys."
  • "I am do glad my doctor recommended this place. I have coping skills now! I was even able to travel and I have agoraphobia."
  • "We are really gaining some good insight and getting so many new tools to use."
  • "I am so glad I found this place. I feel so supported and cared about here."

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